Mavuva Island Great Sea Reef Fiji


An important goal for the Mavuva Island community is to ensure the development of the island occurs in a manner that is both environmentally and culturally responsible.


All Lot Owners will be encouraged to adopt approaches to the servicing of their individual homes that will rely on energy approaches and solutions such as the use of solar power and appropriate sewage treatment for each home. The catchment of pure Fiji rainwater will also be required for each Lot Owner.


Preservation of endemic flora and fauna will be required throughout the community as required by the communities Environmental Management Plan, and each Owner will be required to submit building plans for a brief review to ensure an efficient building footprint utilising the natural contours as much as possible, and a cohesive design for the community. With that said, Owners will not be required to build an island home within any specified period of time and can simply hold onto their Lot for future use and enjoyment. The choice is yours…